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Any time the sun appears..... You will be able to get outside and wear your sunglasses. UV rays are particularly harmful to your eyes. So throughout the year and life it is a good reason to wear good quality sunglasses so you can protect your eyes whilst enjoying the benefits of the sun.

90% of UVA and 50% UVB reach the retina of children less than 1 year old - keep them in the shade.

“3” is the index required for sunglasses in addition to standard CE marking

Attention - Danger at all ages

When it comes to solar damage to eyes you can’t protect enough or soon enough. UV rays are particularly harmful - involved in the onset of cataracts and macular degeneration. Prevention is better than cure, so best advice is to wear UV blocking lenses or sunglasses throughout life.

Your Sight - Protected

As we have to see, the sun’s rays are responsible for premature aging of the eyes. Hence the need to protect your eyes throughout your lifetime. Most of us ignore the fact that we are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays - there are just as many UVB rays in May as there are in August even on cloudy days particularly between 11am and 4pm. To avoid the eyes suffering it is important to wear good quality UV blocking lenses/sunglasses