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Over 50% of motorists struggle with night driving

Over half of Britain’s 34 million motorists struggle with night driving, while many avoid driving at night altogether, a new survey has found.

Results revealed 73% of drivers said they experienced visual discomfort from the glare of oncoming headlights.

Statistics highlighted that more road accidents occur at night - not surprising. Low light levels cause the pupil to dilate and this can accentuate any focussing errors - no matter how minor - causing blur.

At night it’s therefore more important than ever to wear a pair of spectacles or contact lenses with an up to date prescription. No glare lenses are recommended.

Google Glass addiction

A US man has become the first case of diagnosed “internet addiction disorder” relating to Google Glass.

Doctors report that the man began to suffer withdrawal symptoms without the device, after using it for up to 18 hours a day, only removing it to wash and sleep

The study details how the 31 year old told councillors that withdrawal symptoms were “much worse” than withdrawing from alcohol. When prevented from wearing the device at work the man would reportedly “become extremely irritable and argumentative”

Only in America?

When your eyes shine so do you.

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