As our lifestyles are ever-changing, so to is spectacle lens technology. New advances bring new solutions to our eyewear needs. From super slim thin and light, to grease and water resistant lens coatings, to lenses designed specifically for the demands of driving, there is an almost endless choice of options.

As an independent opticians, we are able to offer you the widest range of lenses including Seiko, Tokai, Zeiss and  Essilor. We can recommend the very best lens options to suit your prescription, lifestyle and budget.

Lens options include:

  1. BulletThin and light lenses – up to 50% thinner than a standard lens

  2. BulletAlmost unbreakable plastic – ideal for rimless glasses

  3. BulletFreeform varifocal technology – individually designed varifocals to increase clear viewing  angles and reduce distortion.

  4. BulletComputer specific lenses – vocational lenses perfectly suited to the demands of an office environment.

  5. BulletTransitions lenses – the latest generation of photochromic lens.

  6. BulletSport specific tints – designed to give you that extra edge in your chosen sports.

  7. BulletPolarised sunglasses – to significantly reduce glare.

  8. BulletDrivewear technology – lens technology that combines a light reactive lens with polarisation. These lenses adapt their depth of tint depending upon the amount of visible light (not UV light as with conventional light reactive). They are perfectly suited for driving.

  9. BulletNo-Glare/Anti-scratch – some coatings include a dust/oil repellent layer, an anti-fog treatment and even a 2 year guarantee against scratching.

Old style lenses can cause image distortion....

Whilst newer aspheric lenses reduce these problems and give better images....