There’s never been a better time to wear contact lenses. Thanks to  new designs and materials, they’re very comfortable and affordable.

Contact lenses give you the freedom to see - and be seen - without spectacles. They offer you excellent all round vision and don’t hide your eyes like glasses sometimes do. In fact many people  feel the look more natural wearing contact lenses.

What’s more, they don’t slide down your nose, mist up or get in the way when you play sports . And with the latest disposable lenses they’re even more convenient for today’s busy lifestyles

Choosing the right lenses

Looking after your lenses

One of the main advantages of modern contact lenses is the wide choice available. Although not everyone is able to wear them, there’s likely to be a design that’s suitable for your eyes, lifestyle and pocket.

Some lenses have a special filter to block potentially harmful UV light, while others are designed to work as bifocals.

As independent opticians, we offer a wide range of contact lenses and can provide you with the most suitable kind for your needs.

There are two main types of lens to choose from

  1. Bullet Soft Lenses - these are the most popular because they’re easy to adapt to and more comfortable to wear. However they do need replaced quite frequently

  2. BulletGas Permeable Lenses - these are usually recommended if you have a high degree of astigmatism ( an irregular shaped eye) or require extra oxygen. They take a little longer to get used to, but they also last longer than soft lenses.

Unless you wear daily disposables, cleaning  and disinfecting contact lenses are essential to ensure good vision and healthy eyes. There are now many different lens care solutions available to you and the best one will depend on your lens type, the replacement frequency and your eyes themselves.

Our practice will give you all the advice you need on looking after your lenses and can provide you with the most suitable solutions.

Replacing your lenses

Regular lens replacement is necessary to maintain good vision, healthy eyes and comfortable wear. How often this happens depends on a combination of factors, particularly the lens material and your eyes. That’s why it’s important to visit our practice for regular check-ups and replace your lenses at the recommended time.

You can order / reorder contact lenses on the contact lens order page - easy!